About Mean Babies

All 3333 Mean Babies are randomly generated and no baby is identical on the blockchain. Mean Babies represent our infantile reflection in the NFT space. They all spend their miserable and annoying lives in our community nursery, creating havoc and chaos.

Adopt Some Mean Babies

The price of minting Mean Babies is 0.0678 ETH and each wallet can mint up to 20 Mean Babies at a time.

Adopting Mean Babies puts you at an advantage because you, like your fellow mean parents, will belong to an exclusive club, and proud owners of a select few digital collectibles. Mean Babies are ERC-271 tokens and are generated on the Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing authenticity of Mean Babies ownership

Coming Soon

0.0678 ETH


We are here for the long haul. Mean Babies will be referenced and visible in the growing decentralized metaverse. Our goal is to showcase Mean Babies across the metaverse visually. How? They will be visible in decentralized universes like Decentraland or SandBox on every panel, feature, or space. Mean Babies will be the commentators that will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the metaverse space. #Waaa is their calling card.

The funds will be first used to develop and build out a strong visual narrative in a show. The show will initially be available to Mean Babies NFT holders, and they will have additional benefits as the show will be integrated into the metaverse. We will bring value to the entire decentralized space!


We will be hosting a giveaway on our social channels for 1/1 Mean Babies. Users who have already minted an NFT will automatically be included in the giveaway.


We will be using the resources to expand our Roadmap and include key timeframes for when we expect to take over the Metaverse. We will be hiring visual and marketing specialists to assist us in that phase.


Mean Babies will start purchasing and renting out Land in the Metaverse to establish a place where Mean Babies can express and share their opinions. Every NFT owner will be rewarded.


We will be working on animating every mean baby NFT. 1/1s and rare ones will have much more exposure. In the end however, every NFT holder will be able to participate in the Mean Babies narratives and obtain rewards for their contribution.


When are mean babies releasing?

The official mint date for Mean Babies will be released on Discord. Join our social channels to be notified.

What is the purpose of Mean Babies?

To become the overseeing eyes of the metaverse, by having a presence in every decentralized space. But first we will start with a series, which is mostly available for NFT holders. Mean Babies will become the narrators of space and NFT holders will reward users for their participation.

How Is marketing done?

We are starting to build relationships within the network and work with established news outlets as well as personalities in the crypto space to expand the reach of Mean Babies. All our milestones are important and we can

Can we see the early Mean Babies ideas?

The narrative has already been brainstormed. We will be posting examples, skits on our Discord after the mint is successful. We want you to also have a voice so join our socials and participate in the brainstorming and feedback sessions.

Where can I view the roadmap?

The roadmap is visible by clicking here

What do you plan to do with the funds?

We plan on creating a Mean Babies universe that is visible to everyone in the digital space, not only to the crypto community. Thus, we can help bring NFT's and crypto closer to mass adoption and incentivize a new digital form of revolution for creative individuals and not only!

Who are you?

We are two brothers who’ve been directly involved with the crypto space for more than 8 years.

Our Team